Why We Focus On The Propane Industry.

We understand propane industry activities, consumers and LP Gas related issues. An insightful background in the propane industry adds value to our services and the projects we undertake.

From building successful propane websites to creating engaging content, LPG Consulting understands both the message and the recipient. Our strength is knowing how to effectively use this collective understanding.

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Propane Website Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the process of making a website more presentable to the search engines, which in turn presents the website to visitors. Propane websites and pages will be ranked according to their relevancy based upon the search phrase or keywords. Search engine optimization for propane websites is a process that involves more than keywords. It involves presenting your company's message in a manner that satisfies both search engines and visitors. SEO campaigns require analysis of an industry to accurately determine the competitive nature of the online marketplace. For the most part, the propane industry is fairly uniform in its products and services available for sale. But it still takes an understanding of the industry to effectively build an SEO campaign and drive qualified traffic. We eliminate the need to learn about the industry because we already understand the propane industry at all levels and can build an effective SEO campaign while limiting our research to company and region specific details. Our comprehension of propane companies and industry activities provides for a much more cost effective approach to the subject of propane website search engine optimization.

Propane, LPG and SEO

Many propane website owners are learning about search engine optimization after several months or years with dismal traffic numbers. People turn to the internet more often than anything else when looking for products, services, and even when they're looking for propane. A propane website with phenomenal information, interactive forms, visual aids and the like is of no use to a propane company if it sits idle waiting for visitors. We can help with all aspects of the SEO process by analyzing your website and producing reports for use with your webmaster or by making modifications directly on your site's server. We do this by focusing on:

  • Bringing qualified visitors to your site through targeted keyword placement
  • Using only white-hat (ethical) policies in search engine optimization
  • Incorporating relevant meta tags for optimal placement
  • Inserting appropriate page title tags
  • Reducing file sizes for faster loading pages
  • Optimizing graphics and photos for increased loading times
  • Restructuring on-page content for correct presentation
  • Incorporating on-page relevant keywords and phrases
  • Using suitable file names throughout a website (renaming if needed)

Website Submission and Monitoring

Only after a site has been optimized should it be submitted for inclusion in a search engine's index. Site submission is different among the search engines. We can complete this process using tools available to site designers and SEO experts as well as our own tools to ensure your site visible on search engine results pages for targeted keywords and phrases.

  • Search engine submission
  • Submission to relevant directories
  • Submission for inclusion in local results pages
  • XML Sitemap Generation and Submission
  • URL list Generation and Submission
  • HTML Sitemap Creation
  • Website Statistics Generation
  • Evaluate Website Performance

Online Propane Advertising

Online advertising for propane companies is a tool that, when properly used, can reap significant results for a propane company. The most popular online advertising tool is Google Adwords and is probably them most successful in delivering results. Online advertising costs for propane companies and firms can get very expensive in a short amount of time if not used carefully. Strategically planned online advertising campaigns will increase a company's return on investment. LPG Consulting can help you with online advertising campaigns by optimizing landing pages, setting up geographically targeted ads and assist with ad creation.

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