Industry and Marketing Qualifications

LPG Consulting has propane industry experience at local, state, and national levels in varying capacities. Participation in propane company operations, state association involvement, regulatory and training activities gives us leverage in supporting the goals of our clients.

Marketing experience and technical understanding of software use, internet applications, search engines and audience interaction gives us an edge in proper deployment of materials and messages we create or help to create.

Propane Industry Support Services

LPG Consulting is a unique service provider to the propane industry serving both companies and related entities, such as state gas associations. Our extensive understanding of technical writing, website analysis, website design, content creation and marketing coupled with our propane industry experience allows us to deliver a usable and viable product to and for the propane industry.

Unique Approach - Solid Propane Industry Experience

First and foremost, our ultimate goal of promoting propane as well as protecting the industry is the source of our motivation. Using LPG Consulting gives clients the satisfaction of knowing that their goals for growth are in line with the best practices found in the LP Gas industry today. We are a small company that wholeheartedly believes the protection of our industry and promotion of what we sell is better accomplished through a partnership, with each party striving for a greater good, individually. We are not in a transaction business. We are in a relationship business designed to make the propane industry more profitable, efficient, and enjoyable.