Why We Focus On The Propane Industry.

We understand propane industry activities, consumers and LP Gas related issues. An insightful background in the propane industry adds value to our services and the projects we undertake.

From building successful propane websites to creating engaging content, LPG Consulting understands both the message and the recipient. Our strength is knowing how to effectively use this collective understanding.

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Propane Pictures and Graphics

Propane industry communications often involve and require the use of pictures to illustrate a point. We can't usually visit a subject in the propane industry without the help of a display, graphic or photograph. Technical information generally requires the help of visual aids, regardless of industry. LPG Consulting can help prepare photographs and graphics for marketing or explanatory material in support of your written content.

Propane Graphics, Images and Pictures

We can often create a visual representation based solely on your content. We will read your material and produce graphics or images for subjects needing visual support. For instance, a regulator's vent, inlet and outlet can be described through writing, but a picture with titles and highlights makes the subject matter much easier to explain. We edit and optimize pictures using high quality photo editing software as well as create graphics, create and modify visual aids, and deliver a worthy product to clients. Currently, we use Photoshop CS4 Extended, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks CS4 and other software programs to enhance the message you need to convey.

Custom Photography and Graphics

Should your project require specific photos or graphic representations, we can work with you to produce graphic aids to be used in print or digital media. Access to several propane companies allows us to ensure the exact picture you need is the picture you'll get. We can take numerous pictures for your project and allow you to choose what's needed. Propane photography requires the understanding of what's being photographed and for the image to be depicted properly, the photographer needs to understand propane if it's to be done with instructions. Otherwise, a propane professional will have to be with the photographer to tell them what to take pictures of. Basically, you tell us what you want in the way of a picture, along with what you're trying to explain, and we'll get you what you're looking for.